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 Nail polish  removers

 Nail poish removers

Classic Varnishes based on Acetone that will never let you down. Safe and secure. No additional flavors and colors.
In our range of Varnishes are also available Varnishes without Acetone and with Eco Solvents

Face serums

Face serums

Lightweight as a structure, but very effective and pleasant to use. The serums have a light consistency, in most cases do not contain oils and contain several active components in a suitable combination and concentration.
The serum is a facial care product that you can apply on your skin after cleansing, but before applying the cream in order to apply certain active ingredients directly to the skin. The serum is especially suitable because it consists of very small molecules that very easily penetrate deep into the skin, provide a high concentration of active ingredients with fast, effective action and visible results.

IMPO Ltd good face creams


We produce different types of creams for face, hands and body. In our laboratory we create creams with different consistency, texture and content. We use innovative active ingredients with proven cosmetic effects. Our portfolio includes classic face and hand creams, natural cosmetics, lotions and gel creams.

Hand Cleanser Gels with Alcohol

Hand Gels

Hand and body gels in convenient packaging.
They contain 62% ethyl alcohol. Without Fragrances and colorants.



Face cream hydrating and natural

Deep moisturizing face cream - natural

Contains active ingredients that easily penetrate the skin, cells and intercellular space
- Improves the density, smoothness of the skin and increases the amount of intracellular synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.
- The skin regains its natural elasticity, reduces visible imperfections
- Activates the main mechanisms for deep and prolonged epidermal hydration.
- Reduces and prevents transepidermal water loss

Eye cream anti-aging natural

Eye cream

Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil.
- Creates active protection against free radicals.
- Increases the density, smoothness of the skin
- Activates the main mechanisms for deep and prolonged epidermal hydration.
- Significantly reduces TEWL

Face cream anti-aging natural

Anti-aging face cream

Face cream with a gentle structure and ingredients that reduce the traces of time quickly and permanently, suitable for all skin types: Normal, Sensitive, Combined, Dry, Oily.
- Ingredients entirely of natural origin
- Light structure that is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving an oily feeling
- Strongly limits TEWL / water passed through the skin to the outside by evaporation or diffusion per unit time /

Face serums

Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Face serum with Hyaluronic acid

The serum is created from natural products and products obtained from natural sources. Contains a combination of high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
- Stimulates skin recovery
- Activates the main mechanisms for deep and long-lasting epidermal hydration
- Reduces and prevents transepidermal water loss
-Helps the skin to restore its elasticity and vitality
This product is suitable for all skin types: Normal, Sensitive, Combination, Dry

Face Serum with Q10 oily

Face serum with Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is found and synthesized naturally in skin cells.
It is a powerful natural antioxidant
that puts oxidative stress on the skin, maintaining its elasticity and smoothness. Energizes cellular activity.
Reduces sun damage and radiation damage. Equalizes skin tone in the presence of dark spots and areas. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Reducing cell damage from free radicals. Soothes the skin and improves cellular absorption of nutrients.

Face Serum with Argilerine

Face serum with Argillerin

Due to the Argillerin contained in it, the serum does not reduce the visibility of facial wrinkles caused by repeated movements of the facial muscles. With delicate structure and fast absorption into the skin. Active ingredients: Acetyl hexapeptide 8/3, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera extract, PCA, etc.
Easy to use. Fast, visible results.

 Nail polish removers

Nail polish removers with acetone

 Nail polish remover 50 мл

Classic Acetone-based polish remover that will never let you down. Safe and secure. No additional flavors and colors. Small convenient package with sleeve for economical use. No drying, cracking of the skin around the nails.
There is no whitening and cracking of the nails. Effective and safe. Always keep the cap closed!

Nail polish remover big bottle

 Nail polish remover 100 мл

Larger package with bushing if you use nail polish remover more than once a day. It works quickly and effectively, removing even the most difficult nail polish, preparing your nails for your next beautiful manicure. Formulated for personal and professional use, it gently and easily removes nail polish, gel glitters or nail glues. Protects against drying, cracking of the nails and cracking of the skin around the nails. There is no whitening from poor quality raw materials. Always keep the cap closed!

Hand gels

Hand cleanser gel with alcohol

Hydro-alcoholic hand gel with Aloe 30 ml

Cleansing gel for hands and skin. It does not dry the skin and gives it a pleasant softness and a feeling of purity. Use cosmetic swabs to clean the face.
Convenient mobile packaging with dosing pump that can fit in any pocket. Contains 62% ethyl alcohol

Hand gel with alcohol

Hydro-alcoholic hand gel with Aloe 50 ml

Designed for multiple use on the skin of the hands, face and body.
Safe and effective.
Easy to use and no washing required.
Contains 62% ethyl alcohol.

Hydro-alcoholic gel for hands and body

Hydro-alcoholic hand gel with Aloe 100 ml

Use to clean hands after washing for extra cleaning.
After using massage and other creams.
Cleansing hands, face and body before various cosmetic procedures. Contains 62% ethyl alcohol.


  • Creating a cosmetic product - You have an idea for your own product. We can make this idea a reality. From beginning to end.
  • Outsourcing  - You already have your own cosmetic product. But this is just the beginning. You have the difficult task of producing. To meet your and legal requirements for quality and control. We can take the full burden of production. We have an optimized and efficient production system and multi-stage quality control of production. 
  • Documents - Every cosmetic product on the European market, including the Bulgarian one, must be accompanied by a Product Information Dossier (PIF), which includes a Cosmetic Product Safety Report. 
  • Different types of microbiological tests
  • MSDS

We create and produce various types of cosmetic products. We have many years of experience and various opportunities in the process of creating cosmetic products. Quality control in each of the stages of production. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics.



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